Alfa Romeo Racing – Release Movie


Erstellungsdatum: 2018/19

Kunde: Alfa Romeo Racing (Ex. Sauber

Agentur: Racerfish AG

Auftrag: Every Year the first F1 Race is about who has the most beautiful Libery and the best Realese Movie. We were honored to Produce this epic Teaser in 2018 and again in 2019.

Also we did the Portrait Shots of the Drivers and the Product Shots of the Car.

Konzept:  Alfa is the only team actually showing the real car and not a rendering. To make this even more obvious we use rain as a stylistic Element. Like diamonds it draws the shape of the long awaited Racing Car. We show nothing more than the Drivers & the Car beeing fully aware thats all everyone wants to see.

Eigenleistung: Konzeption/Storyboard/Art Direction/Regie

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